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Commercial Solar

Solar Tank also specialises in commercial solar installation. We deliver an end to end solar solution that includes design, installation, project management and finance. The rising cost of energy is a major concern for Australian businesses, as it is a fixed cost that will have a major impact on your company’s bottom line.

Solar PV systems are ideal at a commercial level because peak power usage usually occurs during sunlight hours, many commercial buildings also have large roof space which will increase the return on investment achieved by solar install. As the Australian public becomes environmentally concise being able to advertise yourself as a renewable energy supporting company can have a positive impact on your public image.

Typically, the reduced electricity costs provided by solar PV systems involves a large capital outlay which is often a roadblock for many companies wanting to install solar. We have developed financing options which reduce or eliminate the initial cost, so you can realise the benefits of having a solar PV system providing your energy from the moment it is commissioned.

Current government incentive schemes and the rapidly reducing price of solar materials makes right now a great time to install a commercial solar system. For systems over 100kW rebates come in the form of LGC’s (Large-scale Generation Certificate) for under 100kW STC’s (Small-scale Technology Certificates) are produced which will effectively discount the cost of your solar PV system.