Solar Panels

Solar Panels

As soon as you start researching which solar panels are right for your roof, you will find the options are endless. At Solar Tank, we strive to make that decision easy for you with several options for top-quality panels proven to endure Australia’s harsh environment.

All of our panels have a 25-year performance warranty and are products of established companies who put their panels under the most strenuous testing in the industry.

When we look at your system requirements we will consider the most important factors when preparing your proposal:

  • Durability.
  • Performance.
  • Value for money.
  • Power per square meter.

Listed below are our three preferred panels which are versatile enough for any residential or commercial solar system on the market.

  • 300 – 330 Watts Manufactured by world leading LG Energy
  • 25 Year performance warranty
  • 15 Year product warranty (parts and labour)
  • More power per square meter (great for limited space)
  • Strict quality control and reliable for the future
  • Great visual appearance with black cells, black frames and thin wires
  • An exceptional, high quality product, with only 2 out of 220,000 LG solar panels distributed in Australia and New Zealand returned as of July 2015
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  • 275 – 295 Watts per panel
  • 25 Year linear power output warranty
  • 10 Year product warranty
  • More performance in shaded conditions (twin design)
  • Range of colours available to suit your roof space
  • 270 – 300 Watts per Panel
  • 25 Year linear performance warranty
  • 10 Year product warranty
  • Affordability balanced with performance
  • Honey solar cells texture improve performance
  • number one solar module manufacturer by volume in 2014